Need Rural Sheds? Make it a Real Shed™

Wheatbelt Steel offer a range of expertly designed and fabricated farm sheds for all of your rural needs. No matter if you’re growing crops, running livestock, or even running a part time hobby farm with your family, Wheatbelt Steel will make sure your needs are met, and assets protected.

Wheatbelt Steel have been building sheds for Western Australian farmers for more than 40 years, and specialise in the design, fabrication and installation of affordable and quality steel farm sheds.

Why Choose Wheatbelt Steel for Rural Farm Sheds?

It's the Real Shed® Guarantee

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Council & Shire Approvals
  • Project Management
  • Quotes within 48 Hours*
  • 30 Years Experience
  • Qualified Installers
  • Focused Client Education

* For standard size structures



Workshop Shed

The hub of your farming operation, let us help you create a space both practical and functional for workflow.

Machinery Shed Carnamah WA

Sheds with open bays and enclosed walls to protect your valuable farm equipment, trucks and machinery.

grain shed

Our quality-built fertiliser sheds give you the confidence to bulk buy fertilisers and store safely until needed.

Hay Shed Image

Safely store your harvested hay in optimum conditions to preserve its quality and market value.

front of stands shearing shed

Our robust shearing sheds provide an efficient and safe workspace to get the job done.


Enjoy your horse riding all year round with a fully customised arena, designed to suit your exact needs.


Shield your poultry from the weather and predators with a customised Wheatbelt Steel shed.

Aircraft Image

We offer an array of hangars designed and fabricated to withstand Australia’s wind conditions.

Quality WA Rural Shed Solutions

100% Australian Owned

Farm sheds made right here in WA

In house engineering and design team

Over 40 years of shed building experience

Range of options and accessories

Assured™ Warranty Protection

Choice of standard steel or Colorbond colours

Hot dip galvanised as standard

The Real Shed® Process

1. Consultation

One of our experienced farm shed representatives will work with you to establish an understanding of your requirements and desired outcome. After this initial session you will be provided with a proposal and concept drawings.


Our team of qualified in-house drafters and engineers then compile a complete set of CAD drawings on your chosen farm shed design, which are then reviewed, checked and approved for fabrication.


Once relevant council approvals have been received, your farm shed plans are received by our factory, and our crew gets to work manufacturing the steel frames, trusses and other necessary elements that make up your shed.


Once your order has been placed, erection teams are scheduled in advance to arrive on site as soon as possible after your shed has been delivered so no time is wasted before beginning the construction process.


You will receive a free* on-site inspection and survey to evaluate the planned rural shed install location, and address any issues that may arise later, including site access, earthworks or drainage.


As a registered builder, we can contact your local shire council on your behalf and arrange the submission of all necessary documents and building license applications to obtain approval to construct your chosen design.


Once your shed’s steelwork has been fabricated, it is then carefully loaded together with the sheeting, purlins and any other required componentry onto our truck for prompt delivery direct to your shed site.


On completion of all site works (depending on the scope) you are the proud owner of a Real Shed® ready for use and have confidence that this shed was built by Wheatbelt Steel and has a 15-year structural guarantee.

Aussie Farm Sheds For Sale

Buying a shed can be a confusing time, as there is a lot of information to process – particularly if it is your first shed, or your first time purchasing a shed. Things like the difference between roller doors and sliding doors, whether or not you need ventilation, the choice between Colorbond® and Zincalume® steel, open or closed sheds, and if you need a mezzanine floor.

The experts at Wheatbelt Steel have been attending field days and providing quality farm sheds to Western Australians for more than 40 years, and are available to help answer any questions and guide you to the best decision for you and your farm when it comes to your new shed.

Being local to Western Australia gives our teams the advantage of knowing your area, and the design specifications, council approvals and other considerations you may need in order to make your new rural shed build go as smoothly as possible.

West Aussie Farm Shed Builders

Based out of Northam, just under 100km from Perth, puts us in the best position to service the major agricultural hubs in Western Australia, as well as longer haul deliveries all across the state. 

Wheatbelt Steel have completed farm shed installations all across WA, from Esperance to Geraldton, throughout the Wheatbelt, and up to the Kimberley and Pilbara, Wheatbelt Steel have you covered.

For a quote on large farm sheds from Perth to Broome, contact Wheatbelt Steel today.

Farm Shed Prices

Wheatbelt Steel’s range of farming shed and rural shed designs are fully fabricated products; welded and hot dip galvanised to last a lifetime under the harshest conditions.

Get unbeatable value without compromising on quality.

Agricultural Sheds with Local Expertise

Buildings like farm sheds are large investments, and Wheatbelt Steel understands it’s important to customers to deal with a truly local company, who understand the Western Australian agricultural industry, and how the businesses that operate within it run.

Wheatbelt Steel have been suppliers of farm buildings including sheds, equestrian arenas and airport hangars, that don’t just meet but exceed Australian standards, while delivering fully custom and personalised designs to ensure that each customer is content with peace of mind when it comes to their shed.

a hay shed next to a water tank in western australian outback rural

The Strength of Australian Steel for the Australian Environment

The Australian environment can be cruel and unforgiving at times, and those who work in it every day, all year round, know just how harsh the weather conditions can be to structures and machinery alike, and as such how important it is to have storage that will reliably protect your vehicles, tools and other assets.

Wheatbelt Steel makes sure to use materials made from quality Australian steel, with the roof and wall sheets made from genuine BlueScope products, that have been tried and tested in the Australian outback for decades, and improved to meet and create new standards for building quality and durability.

Benefits of an In-House Engineering Team

Wheatbelt Steel has an in-house engineering team, which not only saves you money in the long run, it also enables us to provide quotes and plans much quicker, without waiting for turnaround from an external engineering company.

So if you need to change your open gable roof, add features like windows, skylights or insulation, or include additional clearance for roof heights for a mezzanine floor, you can rest assured, knowing you’re in safe hands, and the plans for your shed can be updated and modified with ease.

Farm Sheds Online Frequently Asked Questions

While timber sheds can be aesthetically pleasing, and timber frame sheds are the more traditional style of shed, steel sheds and steel frame sheds have proven to be more durable, and often prices of steel sheds are cheaper than timber cladding sheds.

Steel sheds require significantly less maintenance than timber sheds to keep them from failing, where timber sheds and timber framed sheds require treatment and ongoing maintenance to the wooden aspects.

In most areas any structure larger than ten square meters require council approval before building can commence, which rules out even the smallest of farm sheds provided by Wheatbelt Steel.

As a registered builder, Wheatbelt Steel can look after this process for you, contacting your local shire or council and submitting all necessary documents and applications to begin construction of your farm shed.

There are a variety of farm shed types which all have different uses and meet the needs of different farming operations. Some farms will even require multiple shed types to meet all challenges faced by their location and business.

Wheatbelt Steel offers a range of Workshops, Machinery Sheds, hay Sheds, Fertiliser Sheds, Grain Sheds, Aircraft Hangars, Shearing Sheds Equestrian Sheds and more, to ensure that your needs are more than met when your shed installation is complete.

While steel has established itself as the best building material for the sheets, frame and trusses of farm sheds, it is also important to know the difference between engineered for purpose shed installations and C Purlin sheds.

Wheatbelt Steel’s engineering results in sheds that have less possible movement, prevents flexing and twisting, provides a more rigid structure, and prevents roof sag, whilst making erection a simpler and more efficient process.

Farm sheds, well maintained, can last a lifetime. With hot dip galvanised steel frames and BlueScope steel wall and roof panels, you can expect your farm shed to come with a warranty of 15, 25 or even 30 years.

Wheatbelt Steel’s range of WA locally designed and engineered galvanised steel farm sheds are designed to provide secure protection for a lifetime, guaranteed.