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Wheatbelt Steel have been building farm sheds for Wubin and all across Western Australia for more than 40 years, providing Western Australian farmers and rural families with affordable and reliable steel farm sheds. With a team of in-house engineers, Wheatbelt Steel specialise in the design, fabrication and installation of all sorts of rural sheds.

Wheatbelt Steel offer a range of expertly designed and fabricated farm sheds for all of your rural needs. No matter if you’re growing crops, running livestock, or even running a part time hobby farm with your family, Wheatbelt Steel will make sure your needs are met, and assets protected.

Wubin Western Australia

Wibin is a small town in the Shire of Dalwallinu, located within the Wheatbelt Region of Western Australia.

Wubin’s name comes from the local Aboriginal name of a nearby water source “Woobin Well” and the spelling was adjusted to conform with Indigenous spelling rules.

Originally planned to be a train station of the same name, the town of Wubin sprung up around the station shortly after, and the town was established two years before the railway line opened in 1915.

Wubin flourished like most farming towns during the post World War II era; during that time an all-weather road was constructed across Lake Moore to Paynes Find substantially reducing travel times north to the mining areas in the Murchison and Pilbara regions.

The area around Wubin is home to a semi-arid climate region, with long, hot and dry summers making way for cold winters with little rainfall. The town records an average annual rainfall of just 300mm a year, with rarely more than 50mm falling in a month.

Despite its arid nature and through-town origins, Wubin is home to a small farming community of broadacre farmland. Like much of the Wheatbelt, as well as much of the Shire of Dalwallinu, Wubin is primarily a sheep and wheat farming town.

Farm sheds serve a variety of purposes in Western Australia, with such a diverse and strong agricultural industry, and this means a wide range of available farm sheds need to be available for the state’s farmers to choose from and customise.

Wheatbelt Steel offer a range of farm sheds for all industries, including Workshops, Machinery Sheds, Hay Sheds, Fertiliser Sheds, Grain Sheds, Aircraft Hangars, Shearing Sheds Equestrian Sheds and more, to ensure that your needs are not just met, but exceeded.

These sheds can be customised with roller doors or sliding doors, windows, skylights or ventilation, insulation or open bays, mezzanine floors, offices and more.

Buying a shed can be a confusing time, as there is a lot of information to process – particularly if it is your first shed, or your first time purchasing a shed. The experts at Wheatbelt Steel have been providing quality farm sheds to Western Australians for more than 40 years, and are available to help answer any questions and guide you to the best decision for you and your farm when it comes to your new shed.

Quality Wubin Farm Shed Solutions

100% Australian Owned

Farm sheds made right here in WA

In house engineering and design team

Over 40 years of shed building experience

Range of options and accessories

Assured™ Warranty Protection

Choice of standard steel or Colorbond colours

Hot dip galvanised as standard

Wubin Field Days and Agricultural Shows

Field Days near Wubin

Dowerin Machinery Field Days


August Annually

Dowerin Community Club
1 Memorial Ave
Dowerin, WA 6461

Mingenew Midwest Expo


August Annually

Mingenew Sports Complex
28 Bride Street
Mingenew, WA 6522

Agricultural Shows near Wubin

Dalwallinu Agricultural Show


August Annually

Dalwallinu Show Grounds
Colin-Anderson Way
Dalwallinu, WA 6609

Perenjori Agricultural Show


August Annually

Perenjori Show Grounds
Fowler Street
Perenjori, WA 6620

Wubin Local Government Information

Wubin Local Council - Shire of Dalwallinu


58 Johnston Street 
PO Box 141 Dalwallinu WA 6609

(08) 9661 0500


Wubin Regional Information

Agricultural Region: 
Wheatbelt Region

State Government:
Moore Electorate – Agricultural Region

Federal Government:
Division of Durack