Guide To The Building Approvals Process

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A Guide to the Building Approvals Process in WA

What approvals do I need for my shed?

Are you confused about what approvals you need for your shed? If so, dont stress - you're not alone! Building approvals can be a very confusing topic. This guide will help you understand the process for obtaining approval to build and occupy a building in WA. Not all sheds however, require planning approval. Whether your shed will need

planning approval depends on several factors including:

Group 148

If your shed falls into any of these categories, then it is likely you will require planning approval prior to building. If planning approval is required for your shed, it will incur an additional cost. The good thing is that we can predetermine this figure by calculating the estimated cost of your shed and which scheme it falls into. If you have need more information on the approval process for your shed, then download this guide to the approvals process by completing the form.