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Preserve the quality of your hay with our hay storage solutions

WA's hay is known for its energy value, fibre content and palatability, particularly for ruminants.

Proper storage is key! You can retain the impressive colour, taste, scent and texture of your hay, and thus its value, by storing it safely in Wheatbelt Steel's specially designed hay sheds after processing.

Wheatbelt Steel's hay storage sheds ensure your hay is protected from the elements. They do not leak, and have good ventilation, allowing control over the moisture level, in order to maintain the quality of the hay.

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Group 148

All the options You Need

Our sheds are available in any size, and can be designed and built with various options, including cantilever canopies, column removal, concrete flooring and panels, various doors and opening types, gutters and downpipes, mezzanines, skylights, and ventilation.

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