Real Shed™ Process

Our Step By Step Guide


The Wheatbelt Steel Real Shed™ process is designed to ensure the smooth design, fabrication and completion of your new farm shed. Learn about what you can expect at each stage.

The beginning of our partnership. One of our shed experts works with you to fully understand your current requirements and what you want from your new shed. We then provide you with a proposal and concept drawings based on your needs.

An on-site inspection to evaluate the planned shed location, and address any aspects that may become an issue later, such as site access, earthworks, drainage, etc.

Once you choose a shed design, our team of qualified draftsmen and engineers then compile a complete set of CAD drawings, and review, check and approve them for fabrication.

As a registered builder, we can take care of your council approvals process. We can contact your local shire council on your behalf and arrange the submission of all necessary documents and building license applications, to obtain approval to construct your shed on the property.

After approvals are received, your shed plans are received by the factory and our crew gets to work manufacturing the steel work. Using the latest in technology, our CNC Beamliner conducts the cutting and connection hole positioning with precise accuracy, also with in-house shot blasting of every steel component it makes a prime surface for the high-grade enamel surface treatment which ensures you of the best quality finish.

Your shed steelwork is then carefully loaded together with the sheeting, purlins and any other required componentry onto our truck for prompt delivery direct to your shed site. Each item required is checked off against the applicable job details to ensure a hassle free and complete delivery with no delays onsite.

Erection teams are scheduled in advance to arrive on site as soon as possible after your shed has been delivered to start the construction process. We have built up a partnership over years with our own full-time installation contractors who are reliable, fast and safe. We hold great confidence in their ability to ensure your shed is erected professionally and to your satisfaction.

On completion of all site works (depending on the scope) you are the proud owner of a Real Shed™ ready for use and have confidence that this shed was built by Wheatbelt Steel and has a full structural guarantee. You can also rest easy with the knowledge that we stand by the sheds we build and that whatever you are protecting with it will be safe for many years to come.

Five Common Mistakes When Purchasing a Shed

Buying a shed should be an easy process. Our guide can help you save time and money by identifying the common mistakes and key considerations you should make when purchasing your Real Shed™.