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How can you ensure that your next shed will really address your needs? Are there special considerations when it comes to shed options, materials and where it should be built? Can you get the shed supplied and built in time and on budget?

Buying a shed should be an easy process, get real advice about your next shed from one of our shed experts. During your consultation, a member of our experienced team will work with you to fully understand your current requirements and what you want from your new shed. You will then have the option to arrange a free on-site inspection and survey to address any aspects that may become an issue later on.

At Wheatbelt Steel, we know our sheds. After all, we have had over 3 decades of experience, designing, manufacturing and building over 2000 sheds for WA farmers.

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We operate in an industry built on trust, so we provide service and advice we’d want to experience ourselves. Whatever your questions or concerns, contact us using the form on the right to speak to Real Shed experts, or call our experienced team on 1800 707 145 to get expert advice,and we can help guide you through the Real Shed process.

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