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Wheatbelt Steel Agricultural and Farm Sheds

Protect your farming tools, machinery, feedstock, fertiliser, grain and animals with the right farm shed

Think about everything that keeps your farm running. This equipment can be worth tens of thousands of dollars, and are amongst your most valuable assets. With the correct farm sheds, you can ensure they are properly secured and protected from the elements, cutting down the cost of maintenance, replacement and downtime, and improving the quality of your products.

Protect your equipment, farming machinery, hay, fertiliser, grain and animals with the best in the business. Wheatbelt Steel have been the trusted choice throughout WA in sheds since 1982, making them the most experienced in their industry.

Choose from expertly designed Workshops, Machinery Sheds, Fertiliser/Grain Sheds, Hay Sheds, Shearing Sheds, Aircraft Hangars.

All our farming sheds can be customised with integrated features and the dimensions to suit your needs.

Download our guide for information on the full selection of buildings, projects and features available to you, fully illustrated with photos and information to help you choose the best shed for your needs. Fill out the form on the right to download!